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986 & 996

"The RS":

This is my personal 914 and the realization of my high school dream. After almost giving up on my favorite Porsche model in the early 90's because all the Florida cars had virtually rusted into oblivion, I found 4722901447 on a fortuitous stop to a local independent Porsche reseller in Orlando. While not perfect, the SoCal transplant was definitely a keeper and would eventually become "The RS". I wrote a check that evening in March of 1998 for $5000 and took her home. From the Spring of '98 until my relocation to New Mexico in 2001, 1447 served me well as a 1.7L daily driver.

At one point I found a 2.4E motor for her, but decided to wait for the 3.2 I really wanted. Then, in the Spring of 2002, I found myself in the position to purchase a 3.6 Euro spec (solid lifter) 1995 993 engine. I did it. After converting the car and working out the bugs in the conversion, I decided that the chassis should be representative of the fabulous engine I had found for her. In October 2003, she was disassembled to the last bolt, fitted with steel flares and then trailered to Fort Worth, TX for a 30-day non-acid immersion to strip the chassis to bare metal. The ensuing eighteen months were busy, to say the least. What I built was a no-compromise street car that has some unique traits. This is the only 914 in the world to sport GT2 PCCB 6-piston front calipers on 996TT front rotors. The rears are comparatively small mid-80's 930 units. The RS also features a 915 limited slip WEVO tranny, a full 930 rear drive line, front mounted dry sump oil system , Getty carbon decks and a myriad of other cool tweaks.

This car was the progenitor of Series 9. I now have a small, but busy business building and modifying Porsches for a regular clientele.

Look for a full description of the three-year build in future pages on this site. Completed 04/05

The TurtleGirl Project:

I don't think my good friends, Liz and Nico Ortiz ever expected to own a 914. But, after a trip to the West Coast Classic '05, Nico approached me about building a car for his wife. It was to be a challenging project with a budget of $20,000 and a one-year time frame for completion. Well, we did it. After finding the most rust-free chassis I've ever seen (I mean ZERO rust) for $600 in SoCal, we started the project in May of 2005. Upon disassembly to the last bolt/wire/seal/everything, we were very disappointed to discover that the car had been T-boned pretty hard, but proceeded to fix the sheet metal properly, strip the tub to bare metal and begin the build in earnest.
Today, she's finished in Lapis Blue Metallic with a 1977 2.7L six, 5-bolt conversion with SC brakes, Boxster Snowflakes and a completely new interior. It was a tough year, but the result was worth the effort. The is one of the most fun-to-drive 914s I've ever piloted. Completed 06/06

Mike Wills' 3.2:

Hats off to my first REAL customer. While finishing the TurtleGirl Project, I received an email from Mike. He was concerned that I would be moving to Florida before he could have me perform a /6 conversion on his already very nice '75. After a short discussion, I agreed to take on the conversion following the WCC '06 in Portland. Mike sourced the 3.2 and I rounded up most of the remaining parts. In the Summer of '06, Mike's 914 fulfilled its destiny when it became a fire breathing 3.2 on a new 5-bolt suspension finished off with some beautifully polished Fuchs by Al Reed.

Words can't really express my appreciation for Mike's confidence in my work and the trust he showed me with his baby. Completed 09/06

Waide Stockhill's 2.7RS:

I like to think that doing quality work brings in quality customers. Waide is that. His 914 is a very nice repainted LE that he thought should live up to the hype. After sourcing a fresh 2.7L RS engine with JE high-comp pistons, HUGE cams and some nice port work, we got the conversion under way. Since the engine came with Webers, I convinced Waide to let me install an Electromotive digital crank-fire ignition to help avoid fouled plugs. Waide allowed me to go "top shelf" with all the parts and this is a very nice street 914 with the heart of a race car.

Completed 02/07

Doug Peterson's Type III Squareback:

Owned by the ever-meticulous Doug Peterson, this '73 Squareback came to Florida from Washington state. After a 5-bolt Porsche wheel conversion and a rebuilt 1600, we replaced the interior and started showing the car. My departure from Florida in 2001 put many mechanical plans on hold, but Doug has continued his methodical updating of the interior and other details on the car.

Future plans call for a 2.5 ej25 Subaru engine with digital fuel injection. Stay tuned.

425hp 951:

I have personally driven this car in excess of 185mph. This 951 was the result of years of caution-to-the-wind modifications. The end result was a 425hp race car that was still driven on the street (as well as the track). There was little left stock on the '86 and it's still the fastest car I've ever driven. The RS is the quickest, but it will never reach 185mph. At one point, I felt I had crossed a line where the car was really meant to be a dedicated track car.

It then went on to fulfill that role when it was sold to a racer in New York in 1999. It was hard to sell, but my 914 had to stay.


3.0 rebuild. This one came in with a very tired engine and an interior that had seen better days. After the appropriate repairs and updates, it moved on to Southern Mississippi to replace a 911 victim of Hurricane Katrina.

'73 911 3.2 Conversion:

A family car from the California desert, this '73 came to us after fifteen years of storage in Palm Springs. The owners were quickly convinced that the cost to rebuild the 145hp T engine would not be justified in light of the fact that a 3.2 could be sourced and installed for the same price. The car now regularly graces the streets in and around Rio Rancho, NM. Completed 9/07

Jon Nelson's 914 3.2 Conversion and Ground-up restoration:

Full restoration begun in November of 2010. Follow the build on ClubNARP under "Start of a beautiful build" to see the full coverage. Completion set for the Summer of 2012.

The Low-Cost Project!:

This very lucky 914 found a permanent home at Series 9 in the fall of 2006. It's not too pretty right now, but the chassis is solid. We've completed the 5-bolt conversion but the future holds much more. She will be resprayed in the original L99 Delphi Green after being fully stripped and restored. A 2.2 /6 will follow and she will settle back into a regular life as an awesome daily driver and occasional show car.

James Ellisor's 3.2 and Custom FI Conversion:

This beautiful 914 came to me with a 3.2 long-block, a bin of parts and a request to make it all work with Electromotive standalone fuel injection. It took four months to surpass the technical hurdles, but we succeeded and this is an awesome 3.2 that can currently be found on the streets of South Jacksonville, FL. Completed 8/11

Jamie Denonna's 1985 Carrera:

Jamie has owned this absolutely perfect Carrera for 21 years. Imagine his horror when a missed shift trashed the top-end on his 3.2. That's where Series 9 came to the rescue. After determining that the bottom-end of the engine could be saved, Jamie enthusiastically opened his wallet to pay for upgrades including: Increase in displacement to 3.4, LN Engineering Nickies cylinders, JE 10.5:1 pistons, DRC 993SS cams and a fresh Steve Wong chip.